Onboarding with NWFAU

Ben and Mike Totta, owners of Totta Hardwoods in Kansas City, Missouri, started their flooring business 12 years ago and joined the NWFA 11 years ago. From the very beginning, they recognized that continuing education in the wood flooring industry was the best way to build their careers.

“From an early stage, we knew we needed to seek out education. The NWFA University is awesome because it’s easily accessible and provides great information,” says Ben.

The Totta brothers value education so much that they require it as part of their onboarding process with new employees.

“Our purpose as a business is to develop and promote craftsmanship in our trade,” adds Ben. “We require new employees to work through the University in their first 90 days. From there, they can keep working with us and earn a promotion by continuing their education with the NWFA and becoming certified.”

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  1. Nice. I also require my employees to work through NWFAU within their first 90 days if they want to be hired on permanently. Continuing education is one of our core values.

    1. That’s awesome Josh, one of ours as well. We term it “confident humility”. The idea that we can take on any challenge, but are perpetually learning.

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