Connections that Money Can’t Buy

Vinny Oliveira, employee at Flip 2 Hardwoods, started working in the hardwood flooring industry at 16 years old. Over the years, he’s worked for different companies and learned many different techniques along the way. A common trend Vinny saw was that many contractors were doing whatever they needed to do to get the job done quickly and pass inspections rather than taking their time to do a job the right way.

After working with many companies, Vinny started working with Flip 2 Hardwoods, an NWFA member, and got involved with the NWFA. Since becoming a member of the NWFA, Vinny has gotten involved in taking hands-on classes and taking courses online through NWFA University. “The hands-on classes offer invaluable practice and the instructors are so forthcoming with their knowledge and expertise,” shares Vinny.

“Being a part of NWFA and being involved with the education aspect allows me to meet other members and make connections – that’s something money can’t buy,” says Vinny. “Having access to the online NWFA University 24 hours a day, seven days a week is really unbelievable. The platform is very user-friendly and allows me to earn badges that I can easily share with my customers. Everything is digital now, so having the badges through NWFAU and being able to share that information quickly is a huge advantage.”

“As a member of the NWFA, I have access to industry standards and guidelines and have learned the proper techniques to get a job done correctly. Not only does this make our customers happy, but it also makes me feel proud of my work and the skills I’ve achieved to be able to get where I am today. I’m really looking forward to taking more classes this year, hands-on and online, and continuing to build my career.”

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