Tech Talk: How Do You Help Your Clients Understand the Importance of Proper Maintenance After Completing a Job?

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Michael Dittmer
My response is typically defined by the scope of the project. If it is a project that we installed, I will leave the homeowner with the appropriate floor cleaning system for the finish that we used. We strongly recommend vacuuming or going over the floor with a cloth to remove all physical debris as often as needed to diminish scratches in the finish. Depending on the area, we will recommend a spray cleaning system and how often they should use it.

If it is a smaller in scale refinishing project, I will recommend the appropriate floor cleaning system as well as where they can purchase and how often they need to clean.
Depending upon the area where the wood floors are located, I will offer my suggestions on the appropriate and proper schedule for cleaning the floors. I always explain to the client that proper maintenance extends the life of the floor and protects their investment.
Besides the proper floor cleaning solution/system, I always recommend the proper chair table and furniture protectors so that no damage occurs to the floor.
Last, but not least, I will inform the client that on average every 7-10 years we could recoat the floors as well to ensure they minimize any future resanding.

Lenny Hall
The conversation happens up front before the work is started. Items such as walk-off mats, floor protectors (and frequency of changing them) and maintenance procedures are discussed at the very beginning and again as the project winds down. My clients have access to our webpage’s maintenance information; that way, the information is always available to them on many platforms at any time.

Jason Elquest
Of course, educating the client should start before they even choose a product. However, once the floor has been installed, we walk the customer through the maintenance process and give them a complimentary cleaning kit that is specific to the type of finish they have. The level of detail we go into varies with the floor and the client’s experience with hardwood flooring. The floors we install are mine forever; they may be installed in someone else’s home, but they are mine, and we want them to perform for as long as possible.

Along with daily maintenance, we also go over long-term maintenance, which sets us up for additional work in the form of maintenance coats and cleaning services. Our relationship with our clients does not end when the final check clears. We make ourselves available to our clients for the life of their floor.

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