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Before wood can be chosen by a consumer or installed by a contractor, it has to be manufactured. Before it can be manufactured, it has to be designed. For many of us, this step may often get overlooked when thinking about what’s going into our living room, but interior designer Jamie Beckwith thinks it’s an essential part of the process.

Ten years ago, Beckwith started a high-end residential interior design business out of her home in Nashville. As she was doing interior designs, she became increasingly interested in product design. Enter the Jamie Beckwith Collection.

“The Jamie Beckwith Collection was born because I felt there was a void in the marketplace as far as wood flooring went,” says Beckwith. “The available designs were standard. I had the idea to create a tile-hybrid to make a shape and pattern similar to parquet flooring
but taking it one step further.”

“I played around with ideas, attended a few trade shows to learn more about wood, and eventually decided I needed my own machinery so that I could make the products I envisioned,” she adds. “My place now is pretty much a laboratory. We have a facility in Nashville, used mostly for creating samples and designing new products, and one
in San Diego.”

Beckwith has continued to evolve her collection by designing other products using the signature wood component she originally designed and created.

Wood veneer wallpaper is one of the many innovative products from the Jamie Beckwith Collection. Photos courtesy of Jamie Beckwith.

“After the flooring, I came up with the idea for wood veneer wallpaper. We collaborate with MDC out of Chicago – we do the design, and they manufacture and produce the product,” says Beckwith. “Although it cuts like wallpaper, the veneer is heavy, like wood.”

Next on her list – a lighting collection in partnership with Currey & Company Lighting.

“We get to design the lighting using our signature wood component, and Currey makes the hardware,” she says.

Beckwith has found her niche thinking outside the box. “Trying to manipulate or use wood in ways that people aren’t used to seeing is very exciting. We’re designers first, so having the opportunity to learn the latest trends and actually create our own products based on those trends is amazing. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the future of the Jamie Beckwith Collection holds!”

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