Emerging Leaders Network: Connecting Generations

As is the case in most industries, wood flooring professionals get more and more skilled throughout their careers, so it makes sense that most of the industry’s leaders are seasoned flooring veterans. These leaders, however, understand the importance of mentoring the next generation, and are doing their part to facilitate the next generation of wood flooring professionals.

Fresh faces in the industry bring a new set of skills, talent, and passion for the trade. We hear about them all the time, through the grapevine, so the NWFA launched the Emerging Leaders Network at Expo to get young tradesmen and tradeswomen engaged in the industry.

The primary mission of the NWFA Emerging Leaders Network is to give young professionals a voice in the association and the wood flooring industry, as well as to provide opportunities to connect and build relationships through education, networking, and close involvement with projects directly impacting NWFA’s leadership.

Michael Martin, NWFA CEO explains:

Our industry is extremely connected, and those who choose to enter this profession seldom leave. True friendships are made, and I would wager that a number of businesses have benefited from the relationships they’ve nurtured over the years as a result of their participation in the NWFA. Our Emerging Leaders Council identified this as another reason to form a network spanning all business types. The young leaders meeting today may very well be doing business together for years to come. The Emerging Leaders Network provides a home base for those relationships to grow.

An Emerging Leaders Reception at Expo welcomed more than 50 young professionals to the network, eager to get involved and help pave the way for future wood flooring leaders.

To become a part of the network, young professionals must be an NWFA member (or work for a member company), and be referred by their employer or network member. To nominate a young professional, fill out the form available online.

Learn more at http://www.nwfa.org/emergingleaders.aspx.

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