NWFA Members ‘Rock On!’ at Expo

NWFA Expo Rocks On!

Wow! What a week we had in Phoenix, Arizona. The energy and excitement that came from our 2,500+ attendees and exhibitors this year was unmatched to previous Expos. With packed jam sessions and networking events and a busy trade show floor, connecting with other professionals in the wood flooring industry has never been easier.

Here are some highlights to sum up the week:

A rockin’ Opening Act – With standing room only, the Opening Act Tuesday evening was the place to be. Award presentations, industry updates, and rock star performances left our attendees feeling excited for the days and year ahead.

“The Opening Act was amazing. Great stories, Avi playing the Star Spangled Banner on guitar rocked, Urban Electra was amazing, and last but not least the speaker, Matt Beaudreau, totally rocked it!” – David Hulme, TyZak Premier Hardwood

Jam-packed Jam Sessions + Symposium – Overflow seating was a necessity for our education sessions this year. Our attendees came to Phoenix ready to learn from each other and collaborate during each session.

“I’m loving the information from the terrific Instagram successes that facilitated the Marketing in Real Time Using Instagram session. Keep up the great work, great community!” – Meredith Kilpatrick, WOCA USA

Unparalleled Networking Opportunities – From dawn to dusk, our attendees took advantage of every opportunity they had to get to know each other better and make friends with new faces.

“Expo is a lot about seeing friends, making new friends, and experiencing the camaraderie in this trade.” – James Toal, Floors of Distinction, Inc.

“It’s so great to put so many faces with the names of industry leaders I see on Instagram every day. These are some of the people that drive me to get better and teach me the new techniques to do so.” – Cody Griffith, 4th Generation Flooring

A Busy Trade Show Floor – As soon as the trade show floor opened, our attendees rushed to the floor to check out the latest products and trends, meet with knowledgeable exhibitors, and sit front row for hands-on demonstrations of new products and techniques.

“Eukula had a wonderful show. We had a lot more contacts and sales this year than in previous years. In fact, we had more contacts on the first day this year than over all last year.” – Cort Dunlap, Eukula

Demo Theater + Tech Zone – With an extra demo theater on the floor this year, we were sure the hands-on product and technique demonstrations would be a hit and they most definitely were! Our attendees were attentive and ready to soak up all of the valuable information being shared at each demo.

“All of the NWFA sessions, along with the Tech Zone and Exhibitor Demos, were so full of information.” – George Almeida, GHW Floors

A Truly Grand Finale – We couldn’t have had a better end to such an awesome week. Everyone had something to bring to the table – insight was shared from all generations and walks of life. The room for the Main Event and Finale was packed full of energetic attendees ready to celebrate all of their victories from the week.

“The Wood Flooring Expo is over. I loved the experience and learned quite a bit – I’m so glad I came!” – Michael Biolchini, Biolchini Hardwood Flooring

“The Gary Sinise & Lt. Dan Band killed it at the NWFA closing party!” – Joe Dahlgren, Loba Wakol

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