8 Must-Haves at NWFA Expo

With NWFA’s Wood Flooring Expo just days away, it’s time to start packing your bags and preparing for the only trade show anywhere dedicated exclusively to the wood flooring industry. Maybe this is your first time attending or maybe you’ve been to every show since inception – no matter what the case might be, it’s always good to plan ahead to make sure you pack the essentials.

Here are eight items we find to be a necessity at Expo:

  1. Comfortable Shoes – Comfort is key when you’re going to be on your feet visiting booths and networking. You’d hate to have to cut your jam-packed day short because you’re worried your feet might fall off if you stand any longer.
  2. Business Cards – Have you ever had one of those days where you talked to so many people you can’t remember any names by the end of the day? Don’t let your name slip through the cracks. Having your business cards easily accessible to hand to other wood flooring professionals is a simple way to help you build your network.
  3. Notepad – Between Pre-Expo Symposium, Expo Jam Sessions, and the Tech Zone and Exhibitor Demonstration Theater, you have the opportunity to attend 45+ hours of education, tailored to your individual needs. Having something to take notes on will help jog your memory when you get back home and get ready to implement what you’ve learned into your business.
  4. Pen – Because what good is a notepad without something to write with? Stop by the NWFA booth #901 to grab an extra and say hello to the new Hardwood Floors Magazine staff while you’re at it!
  5. Portable Charger – Between taking pictures of the latest products and techniques and using the NWFA Expo mobile app to customize your schedule and participate in the gamification feature to win awesome prizes, your phone is bound to run out of juice at some point. Avoid that disaster by keeping a portable charger in your bag at all times!
  6. Conversation Starters – Since “How are you?” only works for so many people, what’s the harm in having a few new lines to pull from? Strike up conversation about what’s going on around you or why you’re at Expo this year to help make a connection with a fellow attendee.
  7. Gum or Mints – I think it’s safe to assume we can all agree having bad breath is an immediate turnoff when you’re trying to have a meaningful conversation with someone. With 3,000+ attendees, it’s likely to be loud wherever you are. Save yourself the embarrassment of having to get up close and personal with a prospective customer or friend when you’ve just eaten garlic bread with your lunch.
  8. Team Member – Ever heard the expression, “Two is better than one”? Having a partner to attend networking events with and walk the show floor with can help you feel more comfortable which can in turn help you get more out of your experience at Expo.

For fun, here’s what our staff at NWFA is packing in their suitcases!

  • Anita Howard: Mountain Dew.
  • Ann Palmer: My computer.
  • Bree Urech-Boyle: Woody, our office pup and NWFA mascot.
  • Brett Miller: NWFA Guidelines.
  • Debbie Edgar: Makeup.
  • Jackie Coffman: Deodorant.
  • Jodi O’Toole: Business cards.
  • John Forbes: My phone.
  • Katie Schenk: My portable phone charger.
  • Kjell Nymark: My passport.
  • Laura Boyle: My camera.
  • Libby Johnston: Snack bars – nobody likes being hungry.
  • Liz Peuster: Consumable indulgences to help slow my adrenaline at the end of the power-packed days.
  • Markus Patton: A lack of Expo experience.
  • Megan Lhamon: My tablet.
  • Michael Martin: Clean underwear! But in all seriousness, definitely a notepad.
  • Penny Key: Some good shoes.
  • Rusty Swindoll: A warm smile and a solid handshake.
  • Sharon Schaller: A positive attitude.
  • Stacy Brown: The April/May edition of Hardwood Floors Magazine.
  • Stephanie Owen: Mouthwash.
  • Tricia Swindoll: Pants with pockets.
  • Veronica Hutchings: Lots of energy.

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