ACLCA Webinar – Focus on ISO 14001 Initiatives with LCA to be Held on March 8

The 2015 update to ISO 14001 includes a new emphasis on life cycle considerations of products and services. Organizations preparing to renew their certification have the opportunity to use LCA methods to concentrate their efforts where it matters most.

The American Center for Life Cycle Assessment (ACLCA) is a nonprofit, membership organization providing education, awareness building, advocacy and communications to build capacity and knowledge of Environmental life cycle assessment (LCA). Join this webinar to learn how organizations can engage internal stakeholders with responsibility for different life cycle stages of products and services and feed into a hot spot LCA, highlighting important areas of focus for an environmental management system. Embracing LCA methods in the development of an EMS not only meets the requirements of ISO 14001, but also allows an organization to concentrate on those areas of the business that will drive the most value.

The webinar will be held March 8th at 9AM (PST)  Register for the webinar is available here.


Greg Roberts
Greg is a sustainability consultant with a background in environmental management systems. He is actively helping organizations implement the newest version of ISO 14001. He is an experienced trainer and facilitator at all levels, with a focus on helping business leaders develop a strategic approach to sustainability and environmental management.

Jim Mellentine
Jim helps companies, industry associations, and governments save money, reduce risk and improve their sustainability. Jim is a life cycle assessment certified practitioner and has developed scores of LCAs in a variety of industries. He also teaches graduate-level life cycle assessment and green design at Philadelphia University.

*Webinar Fee:
ACLCA Members: Free
Non-Member: $75 

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