Bridging the Past and the Future

Today, sustainability is not just a trend–it is a necessity. As buyers become increasingly conscious of environmental impact, businesses must adapt to meet the demand for innovative solutions. One of the industries that is prioritizing this transformation is the hardwood flooring and building materials industry.

Olde Wood Ltd, a luxury wide plank flooring and other custom building materials manufacturer, offers not only authentic solid wood flooring but also cutting-edge engineered flooring with Re-Core® Engineered Core Plywood. These offerings honor the past but also embrace the future while maintaining authenticity and beauty.

Preserving History with Purpose

Antique reclaimed flooring embodies a rich history with stories from the past in each grain and knot. Salvaged from old barns and wooden structures, these planks add depth and character to any room as they breathe a new chapter of their long life. Olde Wood Ltd. offers more than just nostalgia–they offer products with purpose. By bringing products back to life, these materials escape waste and instead showcase their strength and beauty in a home. Our antique reclaimed flooring captures a look and feel that is truly one-of-a-kind in both solid and engineered options.

Engineered Excellence

While antique reclaimed material holds an undeniable appeal, Olde Wood Ltd. recognized the need and demand for forward-thinking solutions. Specialty equipment was designed and recently installed allowing for processes to be fully controlled within our own facilities. By implementing revolutionary machinery and removing reliance on external foreign plywood manufacturers, Olde Wood Ltd. continues to grow without losing sight of American history and sustainability. Our wide plank flooring, offered in both engineered and solid options, can now display the unquestionable authenticity and beauty of hardwood flooring as both “new” and “old” wood.

A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Following installation, solid and engineered hardwood are almost identical. Solid hardwood is the same board from top to bottom which allows for refinishes, repairs, and strength over time. Our engineered hardwood carries many of the same qualities as its solid counterpart but is constructed using a slice of solid wood above our own Re-Core® Engineered Core Plywood. This product allows for higher stability in regional areas with ever-changing environmental conditions. Both options result in a stunning floor that will last for centuries in any project.

In a world where sustainability and innovation are key, Olde Wood Ltd. shines as a leader in the luxury wide plank flooring industry. Through responsible business practices, a forward-thinking mindset, and a commitment to preserving America, Olde Wood Ltd. has found a way to cater to a diverse range of design dreams and expectations. And while doing so, we have continued maintaining the finest quality without losing sight of what matters most.

Whether seeking the timeless allure of antique reclaimed flooring or the modern innovation of “new” wood, Olde Wood Ltd is sure to satisfy your needs. Working with us is not just about enhancing a space (which we know we can do)–it is about making a difference.

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