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By Canlak Coatings

Canlak Coatings is a trusted name in the wood coatings industry, celebrated for its commitment to innovation, quality, and environmental sustainability through the PoloPlaz, Absco, and Sampson brands. Specializing in high-performance coatings, Canlak offers a comprehensive range of products designed to meet the diverse needs of wood floor finishing professionals. Among our products, the water-based finishes stand out for their superior performance, environmental safety, and cost-effectiveness.

A Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Canlak Coatings has built its reputation on delivering top-tier products that exceed industry standards. Our water-based finishes provide durable, high-quality coatings that are easy to apply and environmentally friendly. By opting for water-based solutions, Canlak helps reduce volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, contributing to a healthier environment and safer application processes.

Featured Water-Based Products

Absco Platinum 2K Wood Floor Finish

Description: A two-component water-based polyurethane finish. Features: This finish offers exceptional hardness and chemical resistance, making it perfect for high-use areas. It provides a clear finish that enhances the natural beauty of wood. Platinum 2K uses no isocyanate or aziridine catalyst and is nationally VOC compliant with easy water cleanup.

Absco Red X Pro Red Blocker

Description: A one-step waterborne formula designed to block the red and pink tones of certain wood species, such as red oak. Features: This product blocks red and pink tones and provides a quick-drying, low-odor solution. It can be used with Absco Quick Dry Penetrating Finish Stains and other water-based finishes for a beautiful look.

Absco Solo Pro Wood Floor Finish

Description: A single-component water-based clear coat. Features: Known for its crystal-clear finish that does not yellow over time, this product protects against UV rays and daily wear. It can also save time and money as a base coat before using Platinum 2K.

Absco Grand NXTGEN Wood Floor Finish

Description: A waterborne finish that combines the appearance and durability of an oil finish. Features: Utilizing an innovative resin, this product offers enhanced leveling, increased scuff resistance, excellent build coverage, and low odor. It is VOC compliant nationally.

PoloPlaz FastTrack 2K Waterborne Finish

Description: PoloPlaz FastTrack is a fast-drying water-based sports floor finish designed for efficiency and professional results. Features: With rapid drying times, this finish allows for multiple coats in a single day, reducing project timelines. It provides a durable, high-gloss finish that enhances wood surfaces.

PoloPlaz NSB Sealer

Description: A premium water-based sealer for use on sports floors and other high traffic areas. Features: NSB Sealer can be used with water or oil-based systems and prevents wood damage from panelization. It can be used with 100 percent water or oil-based systems, is very low odor, and has excellent flow without streaking or bubbling.

A Pathway to Success

Canlak Coatings continues to lead the coatings industry with its innovative, high-quality, and environmentally friendly products. Our complete system of water-based finishes, such as Absco Red X Pro, Absco Platinum 2K, Absco Solo Clear, Absco Grand NXTGEN, PoloPlaz FastTrack, and PoloPlaz NSB, exemplifies our dedication to providing superior solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, Canlak’s products offer the durability, ease of use, and environmental benefits that wood flooring professionals demand.

Choosing Canlak Coatings means investing in the future of your surfaces and the health of our planet. To learn more about Canlak Coatings and our comprehensive range of products, visit canlakcoatings.com. Discover how our water-based finishes can enhance your projects, save you time and money, and contribute to a greener future.

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