Northern Wide Plank Launches Tannic Collection

Northern Wide Plank (NWP) has launched a new collection featuring engineered wood flooring made from genuine French oak. Known as the Tannic Collection, these hardwoods are sourced exclusively from the Lorraine, Burgundy and surrounding regions, calling on the rich history of French winemaking and the traditions of the land. The same oak has been used for wine barrels dating as far back as 350BC, chosen due to its durability and high level of tannins; the collection name ‘Tannic’ refers to these properties.

“The natural high-level of Tannins found in French oak serve to flavor some of the most sought after wines and whiskeys in the world. Similarly when paired with color treatments, the tannin properties create a one of a kind look that only nature can produce,” said Shawn Peebles, CEO of NWP.

“Oak is a hard and resistant material, offering a luxurious and high quality wood which will stand the test of time. This collection also incorporates a brand new structurally stable three-layer construction known as PureCraft, which is made in North America,” explains Jamie Peebles, director at NWP.

The collection is made up of six colors, each referencing a different area or feature of the French countryside, these shades are: Chablis, Santenay, Meuse, Allier, Jura, and Avallon. All six of these newly launched products utilize NWP’s new PureCraft three-layer construction. Tannic products are composed of 100 percent solid wood, structurally stable, and environmentally sustainable.

The company adds that the new collection is MAS Certified Green, LBC Red List Approved, and FSC Certified. Tannic Collection samples are now available through the Northern Wide Plank website and at NWP showrooms across North America.