Bostik Launches “Your Voice, Your Choice”

Bostik, Inc. has launched the “Your Voice, Your Choice” customer feedback campaign. This initiative aims to gather valuable insights from professional flooring installers regarding the use of pigment-free hardwood flooring installation products.

Now through August 30, 2024, customers will see pigment-free pails entering the marketplace for Vapor-Lock™, Pro-Cure™, BST™, and Pro-MSP™ (4g pail only). These products will be available in only white, rather than brown.

“We always want to provide innovative solutions to installers for our hardwood products,” explains Jake Stadler, senior market manager, hardwood, at Bostik, Inc. “One of the critical ways of making sure we’re on target is feedback from installers and customers. This campaign starts the conversation and provides us direct feedback on users’ preferences for our products.”

Each participating pigment-free product will feature the “Your Voice, Your Choice” sticker on the lid with a QR code. Customers can scan this code with a QR reader on their smartphone and will be directed to an online survey where they can share their opinions. After completing the survey, customers are entered into a drawing to win one of three Bostik branded Solo Stove smokeless, stainless, portable fire pits. One winner will be selected randomly every 30 days throughout the survey period.

Bostik says it is easier to clean pigment-free adhesive residue from wood surfaces because it is a visually different from the color of most wood installations, while the performance of the adhesive remains consistent and reliable.

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