Specialty Solutions Introduces PerfectPrimer

Specialty Solutions is introducing PerfectPrimer to the wood flooring industry. Specialty Solutions says PerfectPrimer is a safe, easy-to-use, latex, paint-on product that seals and primes black mastics, while meeting EPA requirements for sealing existing mastics without disturbing them.

The company says PerfectPrimer eliminates the problems and losses associated with dealing with asbestos mastics and prepares surfaces to bond with new flooring adhesives and cements. It can be applied directly over cutback glue, carpet adhesives, VCT tile, sealed concrete, wood, epoxy, linoleum, and any other commonly found flooring surfaces.

Applying PerfectPrimer is a two-step process. The first being to mop clean the surface, and the second to paint the PerfectPrimer latex encapsulant onto the mastic surface. According to the company, these simple steps replace the messy, smelly, dangerous, expensive removal of existing mastic, and prepare floors for the installation of new glue-down systems or floating floors.

Scott Richards, chief products development officer and co-founder, said, “With PerfectPrimer, flooring contractors no longer have to refund deposits, or deal with hazardous site conditions. Instead, they can serve their customers better, gain a competitive advantage, and increase their profits.”

For more product information, visit: perfectprimer.com.