Galleher Celebrates Jon Roy Reid’s Induction into NWFA Hall of Fame

Jon Roy Reid, president of Trinity Hardwood Distributors, Galleher’s southwestern hub, has been inducted into the prestigious National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) Hall of Fame. This honor recognizes Reid’s exceptional contributions to the hardwood flooring industry, spanning more than five decades of dedication, innovation, and leadership.

The heritage of Trinity Hardwood Distributors, which joined the Galleher family in 2021, dates back to the founding fathers of the NWFA. Reid, a third-generation hardwood master, began his journey in the flooring industry at the age of 13, working for his family’s business, Trinity Floor. In 1977, he founded Trinity Hardwood Distributors, transforming it into one of Texas’s largest providers of unfinished hardwood.

Throughout his career, Reid has exemplified entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. His leadership has been characterized by a commitment to excellence, integrity, and fostering enduring relationships within the hardwood flooring community.

Rick Coates, CEO of Galleher, stated, “Jon Roy possesses a distinctive combination of hands-on leadership and motivational skills that distinguish him. His commitment to our customers, coupled with his ability to coach and inspire his team, has driven Trinity Hardwood Distributors to unparalleled success.”

Galleher congratulates Reid on this well-deserved honor and celebrates his enduring legacy in the hardwood flooring industry. His induction into the NWFA Hall of Fame is a testament to his remarkable achievements and lasting impact.

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