Bona Releases 2023 Sustainability Report

Bona recently released its Sustainability Report for 2023. This year, Bona has included a narrative summary of its sustainability progress following by its audited statutory sustainability report. The company says this is to move its sustainability efforts forward and align with the demands of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

“We are currently in the midst of developing our sustainability work in line with our ambitions and stakeholder expectations. This year’s report reflects this ongoing journey and presents many examples of the progress we are making, among which are our advances in reducing fossil-based plastics in our packaging, the introduction of bio-based products, and the launch of our Sustainability Board,” said Magnus Andersson, CEO of Bona.

Bona announced in its report the establishment of a Sustainability Board, whose purpose is to drive the development of the sustainability work according to Bona’s vision of leading the sustainability transformation of the industry, caring for people and planet.

According to the company, other report highlights include a 29.6 percent reduction in fossil-based virgin plastic in packaging (compared to 2020), the opening of Bona’s new distribution facility DC2 in Monroe, North Carolina, the launch of Bona Traffic GO a one-component floor finish, and investments in renewable energy at facilities in Sweden, Germany, and U.S. reducing the company’s climate impact.

The Bona Sustainability Report 2023 is available for download via the company’s sustainability web page.

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