ProTeam Introduces the GoFit® 3 / 6 Cordless Series

Emerson is announcing the launch of ProTeam’s GoFit 3 / 6 Cordless Series backpack vacuum cleaners. The new 3- and 6-qt cordless vacuums combine the comfort of a lighter-weight profile with the cord-free convenience of advanced Lithium-ion battery power.

“The new units meet professional cleaners’ changing standards that require greater productivity, more mobility, and more convenience,” says Matt Reimers, vice president and general manager of ProTeam. “The 3-qt size is perfect for those new to wearing backpack vacuums, while the larger 6-qt. model is ideal for bigger cleaning challenges.”

The GoFit 3 / 6 Cordless backpack vacuums provide high-efficiency cleaning and come equipped with ProTeam’s industry-leading advanced filtration and ergonomic quick-adjust harness system.

Improve productivity and safety — Studies conducted by ISSA Cleaning Times show a cordless vacuum cleans 30% faster than a corded one and 5 times faster than an upright vacuum. Because there are no cords, there are no tripping hazards for users or pedestrians in high-traffic areas or stairways making vacuuming safer and easier.  

Go anywhere, longer — The GoFit Cordless Series provides freedom of movement without the constraints of power outlets and tangled cords. The units are available with a choice of two Lithium-ion batteries. The 4Ah battery runs about 51 minutes on low or 39 minutes on high, and the 8Ah battery runs approximately 106 minutes on low or 83 minutes on high. Both battery options provide a minimum of 1000 charge cycles, with a charge time approximately equal to runtime.

Customized comfort — Constructed with thicker padding from breathable material, the unit’s quick-adjust 4-step FlexFit® harness system is designed to fit all body types while providing new levels of comfort and efficiency.

Easy to use — With a practical high/low switch, users can shift between low power for routine cleaning and high power for detailed cleaning without sacrificing vacuuming efficacy.

A safer, quieter environment — Both 3- and 6-qt. models offer multiple layers of filtration that capture and remove allergens and asthma triggers to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Battery-powered vacuums are quieter than corded ones, a benefit during day-cleaning operations or vacuuming while businesses are open to the public.

“The new GoFit 3 / 6 Cordless Series offers freedom of movement, extended runtimes, and a more comfortable harness,” says Reimers. “At ProTeam, we are committed to pioneering innovation and developing products that meet the needs of the cleaning industry today and in the years to come.”

GoFit 3 / 6 Cordless Series backpack vacuums are available at authorized ProTeam distributors throughout North America. For more information, contact your distributor or visit