QFloors Unveils Installer View

QFloors says its new product, Installer View, is enabling easier communication between dealers and their installation teams.

The software company adds this product to its existing suite of business management software products, focused on streamlining operations for flooring dealers. Released officially during TISE 2024, the product enables installers to view their schedules and all of the corresponding details, via their phones and any other device. Installers can check schedules, job locations, materials, and more.

“Our customers are really excited about this practical tool,” said Chad Ogden, president of QFloors. “It’s very user-friendly, and will make it really quick and easy for installers to check their schedules and get information about their different jobs.”

QFloors customers who are actively using QPay credit card processing can get Installer View at no cost. Otherwise, customers will pay a monthly cost for the service. Cost depends upon the number of installers a dealer has utilizing the product. QPay customers are first in line to be set up, but the product is available to all QFloors customers now.