Bjelin Launches Contrast Collection

Bjelin has launched a Contrast Collection that celebrates the distinct characteristics of the renowned Spačva oak. The new hardened wood range was created through the fusion of technology and ageless craftsmanship and suits both residential and heavy-traffic commercial environments.

“We recognized the opportunity to craft a more dynamic floor by leveraging our existing colors and creating stark contrasts,” said Emanuel Lidberg, head of design at Bjelin. “Drawing on our Scandi-inspired palette, the Contrast Collection makes a statement while blending harmoniously with our Hardened Wood 3.0 range.”

Utilizing its access to the R&D department via Välinge Innovation, Bjelin has pioneered a cutting-edge approach to enhancing wood’s natural structure. Due to the ground-breaking Woodura™ technology empowering the hardened wood floors, it was possible to employ a sophisticated array of nine precision-engineered brushes to seamlessly integrate contrasting pigments into the surface, highlighting the natural grain of the oak.

Paired with the leakproof 5G Dry™ floor locking system, these floors ensure lasting durability and boast a superior class 33 pro matt lacquer – Bjelin’s toughest to date. Made with European, FSC-certified wood from Croatia, these floors are available in an XL format and a Nature grading.