Mohawk Partners with Scanalytics

Mohawk Group and Scanalytics, Inc., a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based Smart Flooring company, are announcing a strategic partnership to reduce emissions from the built world.

With the direct support of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) ARPA-E, Scanalytics has developed a patented sensor material that can be seamlessly integrated directly into, on top of, or underneath Mohawk flooring. Bolstering the Mohawk Group’s commitment to sustainable materials, the flooring system delivers high-resolution data down to each footstep, without impeding occupant privacy or comfort. That information is used to control energy-hungry operations more intelligently like Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC). Powered by real-time visibility and an AI platform, data can be used to deploy a variety of software applications. The value delivered to building owners, operators, and occupants includes enhanced security, true customer insights, and detailed facilities management.

“The answer was right under our feet. We’re excited to offer a flooring solution to our customers that not only reduces their Scope 1 carbon footprint, but also saves them more than a third of their energy costs,” said Carlos Carrillo, vice president of research and development for Mohawk Group. “Department of Energy-vetted technology and materials science systems like Scanalytics are an example of Mohawk’s commitment to quality, efficiency, and innovation.”

Scanalytics says existing installations of the company’s sensing technology system are proven to reduce energy waste by up to 35 percent per year while maintaining 90 percent occupant comfort satisfaction. With plans to roll out hundreds of millions of square feet of this product during the next several years, Mohawk Group says it is paving the path to significantly reduce emissions coming from the built environment, with an impact comparable to diverting tons of waste from landfills every single year.

“Mohawk Group is part of the world’s largest flooring company, and by extension is in a unique position to make a significant impact. We’re humbled to join forces and share our patented, DOE-backed system,” said Joe Scanlin, CEO and co-founder of Scanalytics. “The results speak for themselves: immediate energy savings that go right to the bottom line without compromising the comfort or privacy of occupants.”

The partnership launches in 2024.

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