Aria Vent Rebrands as Fittes Co.

Aria Vent is unveiling its expansion beyond vents with a new name, Fittes Co. The decision to rebrand stems from Fittes Co.’s evolution beyond its original product, the Aria Vent, to include a diverse range of high-quality interior finishes. This strategic shift reflects the company’s continued growth, expanding product portfolio, and a vision to bring cutting-edge modular building offerings to the market.

Fittes Co. was founded in 2016 by father and daughter duo Paolo and Roberta Mantenuto. Their first product, Aria Vent, is a patented vent grill that can be customized with any flooring or wall material.

While Aria will continue as a product range, the company says Fittes Co. represents a more comprehensive identity that encompasses the brand’s future endeavors. The new name reflects the company’s core philosophy of things fitting perfectly into place.

“We believe that simple but innovative ideas can help transform homes with modern designs that reflect sophisticated tastes,” said Roberta Mantenuto, CEO of Fittes Co. “Our goal is to reimagine mundane components that are often overlooked, providing customers with modular building material solutions that breathe life into interiors.”

The company says it is committed to simplifying the installation process, catering to both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Fittes Co. says its product range offers a stylish alternative to traditional building components and accessories that are often forgotten about, including flush floor vents, water closet niches, wall plates, and shower niches.

To further solidify its presence and reach, Fittes Co. is announcing that its products are now available across the U.S. The company has established strategic trade partnerships and secured national retail collaborations with retailers such as,, LL Flooring, and ACE Hardware.

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