FEP Launches Parquet Refinishable Program

The FEP Parquet Refinishable Program is a voluntary certification program designed to identify parquet products with wear/top layers thick enough to be refinished, and produce a list of certified refinishable parquet products to aid manufacturers, distributors, specifiers, and end users in their decision making processes.

The aim is to promote parquet that is at least twice resandable thanks to its minimum 2.5 mm real wood top-layer. By this initiative, FEP says it want to put forward this inherent advantage of parquet compared to other floorings. Parquet is a long-life wood product whose durability can be extended through refinishing.

The program has been developed in cooperation with the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA), which recently launched their NWFA Engineered Wood Flooring Refinishable Program. In order to encourage an international norm, both programs are aligned.

Click here for details about the FEP Refinishable Program.

More information about the NWFA’s Refinishable Program may be found at nwfa.org/manufacturing or read this article from Hardwood Floors magazine about the program’s launch. If you have questions about joining NWFA’s program, contact John Forbes at john.forbes@nwfa.org or 800.422.4556.

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