ProTeam Goes Cordless with the GoFree® Flex Pro II Backpack Vacuum

Emerson is announcing the launch of ProTeam’s cordless commercial backpack vacuum, the GoFree Flex Pro II.

“The GoFree Flex Pro II is the ideal cordless cleaning solution executed with the end-user in mind,” said Matt Reimers, vice president and general manager, ProTeam for Emerson. “We know how difficult cleaning and vacuuming can be and we’re excited to launch a product that’s not only comfortable but adds a new level of freedom.”

With the GoFree Flex Pro II, users are untethered from cords allowing for quicker and safer mobility when transitioning between workspaces. Additionally, the vacuum features a high/low power switch that can help tackle daily, routine cleaning to larger and messier challenges like capturing sizeable dirt and debris in high-traffic areas. ProTeam’s new cordless backpack vacuum also includes extended runtimes — 106 minutes on low and 75 minutes on high.

Because ergonomics is a crucial component of ProTeam’s vacuums, the GoFree Flex Pro II is built using the organization’s patented FlexFit® articulating harness. This means the harness is responsive to the motion of the end-user’s shoulders, back and hips, which ultimately increases comfort and reduces fatigue. The vacuum’s triangular shape, which conforms to the fit of the back, is responsible for helping minimize accidental contact with walls or doorways while the harness’ open weave fabric helps dissipate heat during operation.

The GoFree Flex Pro II also offers advanced filtration via its ProLevel Filtration® System. This multi-layer approach to cleaner air includes four levels of filtration that helps reduce allergens and asthma triggers in the indoor environment. Plus, the unique ProTeam method of suction-vacuuming help clean hard surfaces and carpets without stirring up dust which helps the air stays cleaner, furniture to collect less dust and operators can work without breathing unhealthy air.