Hardwood Hints: Rack Smarter, Not Harder

Jeremy Waldorf | HPS Schönox

Hardwood Hints Dec 2022 Jan 2023
Photo courtesy of NWFA.

As installers, most of us think we are smarter to “rack” an entire room of hardwood and then begin the nailing process because it saves us time. Many years ago, I was doing exactly this on a jobsite when a good friend and old-time professional, Don, came into the room, laughed, and said:

“You’re working too hard. You’re wasting energy.”

His belief was the nailing phase is where you work the hardest, and the racking time is easier on your body. Don’s method was racking out only six feet at a time, which allows intervals of exercise and gives your body a chance to “rest,” pacing yourself for the day. This is racking smarter, not harder.

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