PID Floors Hosts Environmental Roundtable Discussion

Earlier this fall, PID Floors hosted an Environmental Roundtable Discussion. Held at PID’s flagship showroom in Manhattan, the company said it was their hope to gather a multidisciplinary panel of experts together for a conversation about the urgent topics regarding the environment and sustainability in the hardwood flooring, architecture, and design industries, and far beyond.

A video of the Environmental Roundtable Discussion is now available. Click here to watch.

Panelists who participated in the conversation included:

  • John Forbes, NWFA
  • Keith Christman, Decorative Hardwoods Association
  • Dana Cole, Hardwood Federation
  • Joseph Klaynberg, Wonder Works
  • Anna Laura Bariletti, Capri Holdings
  • Andrew Graceffa, SOCOTEC
  • Florence Reed, Sustainable Harvest International
  • Ilya Meltser, PID Floors
  • Susan Kaplan, HLW
  • Karen Asprea, Karen Asprea Studio
  • Joel B. Cutler, Attorney
  • Josh Hosen, Capital Testing
  • Tom Kain, FSC

PID Floors said the wide-ranging discussion with the panel exceeded their expectations, and that the company walked away from the event with a sense of reinvigorated purpose and inspiration to continue its mission.

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