Final Coat: NWFA Members Provide Legacy of Education for Today’s Students

One of the things that has always impressed me with the NWFA is the generosity of its members. Not only do our members provide flooring, adhesives, nails, finish, abrasives, and tools to hold NWFA installation and sand & finish schools, they also have invested their own money in carrying the craft forward through many scholarship opportunities.

The first scholarship program started more than 30 years ago to provide financial support for wood flooring hands-on skills training. Today, more than 35 NWFA members have been honored or memorialized with scholarship funding. Let’s take a look at today’s NWFA scholarship programs.

All scholarship donations are protected funds, meaning the principal donation amount cannot be withdrawn. Instead, they are combined so that the cumulative funds can be invested. The investment earnings from these funds are used to provide scholarships to wood flooring professionals. In general, one scholarship is awarded per hands-on training event, up to $500.

Eligibility: Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Priority for scholarship awards will be given to NWFA members. Awards are limited to one scholarship per company per year.

Application: To be considered for a scholarship, an application must be submitted. Applications can be found at

Deadline: All scholarship applications must be received 30 days prior to the scheduled training event.

Scholarship Funding History

Carl & Edgar Anstett – Powernail Company, Inc. – In 1999, Powernail Company donated $100,000 to establish a scholarship honoring brothers Carl and Edgar Anstett. Born in Germany, the brothers immigrated to the United States, later founding EPA Manufacturing, where they co-designed and patented the first portable nail driving machine for tongue and groove wood flooring. In 1949, they founded the Powernail Company, where their innovations continue to impact the industry today. They were inducted into the NWFA Hall of Fame in 2007.

Dick Hradecki – Floorco Ltd. – In 2001, friends and family donated $30,000 to establish a scholarship honoring Dick Hradecki. Following WWII, Hradecki joined what would become Floorco Ltd. In the 1970s, Floorco became the sole North American agent for Lägler sanding equipment, which introduced belt sanding technology to North America for the first time. Hradecki traveled the country teaching contractors how to use this new technology and helped change floor sanding techniques and training programs for the industry.

Virgil Hendricks – Lockwood Flooring/Mid-West Floor Company – In 2017, friends and family donated $20,000 to establish a scholarship honoring Virgil Hendricks. He was instrumental in the formation of the NWFA, participating in the initial meetings in 1985 that determined NWFA’s goals, mission, budget, dues structure, and committees. Hendricks is considered by many to be the NWFA’s founding father, serving as its first president from 1985 until 1990, with a clear vision to unite the entire wood flooring supply chain. He was inducted into the NWFA Hall of Fame in 1990.

Legacy – In 2013, Tommy Maxwell with Maxwell Hardwood Flooring donated $5,000 to establish a scholarship honoring his industry peer and friend Bob Haggard, with Hassell & Hughes Lumber Company. Haggard served as Chairman of NOFMA and as a Director for NWFA, and was instrumental in merging NOFMA with the NWFA in 2008. Since Haggard’s recognition, friends and family of numerous individuals have donated $5,000 to establish Legacy Scholarships to honor and memorialize their loved ones.

Legacy Scholarship Honorees – Bob Anderson, Slim Andries, Joe Boone, Jr., Rick Brian, Elizabeth Swift Brown, Tim Cates, Dick Coates, Jack Coates, Chester Derr, Chet Derr, Albert Duke, Terry Green, Bob Haggard, Ed Hamar, John Hamar, Allen Harris, Jr., Sykes Harris, Roland Holder, Keijo Hyvonen, David Lynn, Jr., South Lynn, Tommy Maxwell, Bill McLaughlin, Gina Mitchell, Dona Musolf, Bill Price, Sr., Roy Reichow, Harold Reid, Gary Reynolds, Jim Stoehr, and Larry Witt.

If your company could be helped with an NWFA scholarship, please apply. If you are interested in contributing to the scholarship funds or establishing an NWFA Legacy Scholarship for your own company’s legendary industry contributor, contact Stephanie Owen, vice president of education for NWFA at or 800.422.4556.

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