Basic Coatings® Launches New Waterbased Wood Floor Finish

Basic Coatings® announced that they have launched MainStreet, their newest waterbased wood floor finish. MainStreet is designed with super self-leveling technology, which contributes to better leveling and flow. Improved application characteristics provide a more uniform film thickness and overall appearance for jobsite finished hardwood installations.

As a one component, clear, super self-leveling, commercial grade waterbased urethane floor finish, the company says this product offers tremendous leveling and flow for the ultimate ease of application. Speed of application and improved dry time allows for more projects throughout the year. Additionally, they say MainStreet preserves the natural beauty and characteristics of residential and light commercial wood flooring.

“MainStreet is an exciting new addition to our long line of Basic Coatings waterbased wood floor finishes,” Robert McNamara, director of marketing and sales, said. “It’s truly meant for quick and easy application that saves on time and labor, allowing contractors to do more in less time.”

MainStreet is available in Commercial Semi-Gloss, Commercial Satin, and Commercial Super Matte in 2 x 1 Gallon case(s) for ease of stocking and rotating inventory. It also meets MAS Certified Green® criteria for low emissions with VOCs below 165 grams per liter and has low odor.

In conjunction with the launch of MainStreet, Basic Coatings is also launching the MainStreet Equipment Promotion. Contractors can purchase 10 gallons of MainStreet and receive a free FiberPRO® Air Mover. Those interested must register to participate by April 30, 2023. For more details, click here.