Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Pilots New Showroom Experience

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors is introducing a new showroom option to help professionals and homeowners select the company’s wide plank hardwood flooring. Piloting in their Washington, D.C. showroom, Carlisle is offering live, virtual sales guidance and support coupled with private access to a bricks-and-mortar display area.

Clients can now schedule a remote concierge visit to the Washington, D.C. showroom by visiting and booking a time with their showroom at 3251 Prospect Street NW in the heart of Georgetown. At the appointed time, the client is buzzed into the showroom, the lights come on, and a high-definition video screen connects with Peter Switzer, Carlisle’s flooring expert for the region. From the company’s New Hampshire headquarters, Switzer guides the client through options, answering questions and helping with selections to create the perfect floor.

“We’re finding that the remote concierge model provides the best of both worlds – the convenience and flexibility of virtual meetings with the ability to see and touch actual floors,” explains Switzer.

The Washington, D.C. showroom is set up to guide clients through the many choices that are made when creating a Carlisle floor. Since each floor is custom-crafted, decisions must be made about color, plank width, wood grade, finishes, and more.  Switzer says he is “right there walking the client through the experience and helping them make decisions even though I am not physically present.”

Carlisle has been testing the remote concierge model in the Washington, D.C. showroom for almost a year. Company president Chris Sy feels that the hybrid virtual/in-person experience could be the future of retail. “It enables us to provide a face-to-face experience at our clients’ convenience, not ours. Technology is making it possible to deliver a highly personalized experience,” he says.

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