Graf Custom Hardwood Introduces GRAFCORE

GRAFCORE™ is the latest innovation in Graf Custom Hardwood’s engineered product collection featuring a three-layer construction. The floor maintains an Appalachian white oak top layer, a solid hardwood core, and bottom veneer layer, creating stability suitable for all flooring applications.

Graf Custom Hardwood’s process starts with high-quality white oak, red oak, walnut, and hickory logs, available in select + better, and character grades. Then they use a special sawing pattern called rift and quartered where planks are cut perpendicular to the growth rings. This gives each plank a tight, vertical grain and allows it to expand evenly, increasing the structural integrity of the flooring.

Graf Custom Hardwood’s engineered flooring is designed with extra layers of GRAFCORE™ of solid hardwood for stability and support. The company’s engineered flooring is 5/8” thick, with special order in 3/4″. Flooring is available in 2 ¼” up to 11 ½”wide. Available in a variety of lengths, edges, surfaces, and styles.