Amorim Cork Composites Launches New Acousticork Range

The Acousticork by Amorim range offers efficient and more environmentally friendly solutions, such as cork-based underlayments, underscreeds, and materials for vibration control.

Produced using sustainability principles, the Acousticork by Amorim underlayments offer high performance, protect the building’s floor, and guarantee the ability to withstand high and variable loads. When installed under a floor, the underlayments provide greater comfort, protection and longevity. In addition to the underlayments, the Acousticork range also includes underscreeds – an ideal product to meet the most demanding acoustic requirements.

The mixture of cork composites with polymers from different industries, following circular economy principles, results in a diversified portfolio of materials for acoustic, thermal and noise control insulation, guaranteeing durability of performance with stable properties of the material throughout the building’s working life.

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