Hardwood Federation Provides Industry-Focused Updates in July 14 “D.C. Cheat Sheet”

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House Farm Bill Panel Highlights Wood Products

On Wednesday, the House Agriculture Subcommittee on Conservation and Forestry held a hearing focused on potential forestry related provisions for the 2023 farm bill reauthorization and placed an unmistakable spotlight on the crucial role of wood products to prevent wildfires, capture atmospheric carbon and grow the economy. Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) presided over the meeting and focused her remarks on the dual economic and environmental benefits of wood buildings. Rep. GT Thompson (R-PA) built on the theme by pointing out that the farm bill should promote the storage of “even more carbon through forest products.” Other support for wood products included robust statements from Reps. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA), Annie Kuster (D-NH), and Trent Kelly (R-MS). HF will continue to engage these allies as the farm bill moves forward into 2023.

EU Proposes Concerning Import Regulations

The European Parliament is scheduled to consider a new law in September which would impose more stringent requirements on exporters of agricultural products, including U.S. hardwoods, to the European Union. The intent of the law is to prevent import of products that have caused the deforestation of woodlands by imposing a “geolocation” clause that would require exporters to the E.U. to collect and retain data for 5 years confirming that products have not contributed deforestation or forest degradation, including the exact location of the land harvested for the products. This includes U.S. hardwood exporters despite recognition of our low risk, sustainable forestry practices. The American Hardwood Export Council has been working diligently with their peers in the E.U. to advocate for changes to the proposed rule that mitigate the impacts on U.S. exporters. See AHEC comments here. The Hardwood Federation is in regular contact with senior officials at both the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Trade Representative and have confirmed that both agencies, at the highest levels, have been actively expressing concern about the proposed regulations to their European counterparts. We continue to work closely with AHEC, USDA and USTR officials.

Real American Hardwood Coalition Launches New Web Site

The Real American Hardwood Coalition, a group of 30+ hardwood trade associations, including the Hardwood Federation, announced the launch of the Real American Hardwood website this week. This is the first step towards a comprehensive domestic marketing program and is geared towards the consumers of finished hardwood products. The project was funded through voluntary contributions from associations and industry members. Future steps include implementing social media strategies to support the website and excite consumers about the aesthetic and environmental benefits of American hardwood products as well as developing funding strategies for long-term viability. To check out the new web site, please visit Real American Hardwood Coalition.

Source: Hardwood Federation

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