Oneida Air Systems Introduces New Dust Deputy 2.5 Deluxe Kit

Oneida Air Systems introduces the new Dust Deputy 2.5 Deluxe Kit with everything needed to turn a wet/dry vacuum into a cyclonic super-vacuum. 

The Dust Deputy 2.5 Deluxe kit – which pre-separates 99 percent of dust and debris from the airstream and virtually eliminates clogged filters and suction loss – is ideal for woodworking activities that generate dust at a rapid pace, such as sanding, sawing, jointing, and planing. 

Fully assembled the Dust Deputy 2.5 Deluxe is 17.75” wide by 32” tall. Its waste container lid has an integrated vortex design which improves separation performance by preventing backdraft into the cyclone. Four free-rotating, mounted casters provide an overall stable footprint and storage of 1.5” and 2.5” diameter vacuum accessories. 

Made in USA, available now at the Dust Deputy 2.5 Deluxe (AXD250004PL, $139.95 MSRP) is sold with an anti-static cyclone, 54-inch wire-reinforced vacuum hose with swivel cuffs, collapse-proof 5-gallon waste bucket, quick-release bucket lid, four mounted casters, vacuum tether kit, gasket, and hardware.