The Connection Between Cleaning, Screening & Recoating

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Wood flooring adds richness and character to any home, but maintaining the floor’s natural beauty takes a little TLC. With a standard screen and recoat, a quick and easy process that removes surface scratches and everyday wear, you can help your clients keep their beautiful hardwood floors from becoming dull, without breaking the bank or going through the hassle of sanding or installing new floors. In order to undergo this process, however, homeowners must understand how to properly maintain the finishes on their floors. And when it comes to routine hardwood cleaning,
your clients may have questions about which maintenance products to use. Steering them in the right direction can make the process easier for both of you.


While most people understand the basics of “dry” hardwood maintenance, when it comes to choosing the right “dampmopping” cleaning products for life’s inevitable sticky messes, many homeowners are overwhelmed by the sheer number of products and safety warnings. To help your clients navigate the floor cleaning aisle, use these simple tips to recommend the right products for cleaning and preserving their hardwood floor.


A little professional advice and expert guidance can turn customers into lifelong clients and relieve them from the anxiety of wondering how to maintain their floors. Help them keep their newly-installed, refinished, or recoated hardwood floors in top shape with this handy Customer Care and Maintenance Guide:

  • ONLY USE ZERO-RESIDUE CLEANING PRODUCTS – For regular cleaning and to remove grime or sticky messes, look for “zero-residue” cleaners that don’t leave behind film or wax.
  • AVOID PRODUCTS WITH LOFTY CLAIMS – Cleaning products that claim to “rejuvenate,” “shine,” or “polish” can leave behind film or wax that make it difficult to conduct a screen and recoat without advanced stripping chemicals or a full refinish, or replacement, of the hardwood floors.
  • CAREFULLY FOLLOW USAGE INSTRUCTIONS – Once you select a product, carefully follow the usage instructions for dosing, application, and mopping. Pre-mixed solutions provide the greatest control for solution dosing.



An in-depth study conducted has conclusively determined that the all-in-one Swiffer® WetJet Wood™ Mopping System is safe for homeowners to use on all hardwood floors because it does not impact adhesion, aesthetics, or the ability to conduct a standard screen and recoat. To reach this conclusion, Swiffer teamed up with NWFA Certified Professional Cincinnati Floor and Window Coverings, who strictly followed all applicable NWFA Guidelines and Methods to conduct an in-depth test on the effects of zero-residue “damp-mopping” cleaning solutions across multiple hardwood finishes. Informed by collected data on the habits and practices of both spray-mop and mop-and bucket users, the team tested on waterborne and oilmodified polyurethanes as well as factory finish flooring with aluminum oxide. Simulated over five years, the test showed that Swiffer® WetJet Wood™ had zero effect on the ability of onsite installers to conduct screen and recoat across all tested finishes.

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