Howell Hardwood Flooring Elects Todd Schutte to Board of Directors

Howell Hardwood Flooring of Dothan, Alabama recently elected Todd Schutte, Bona’s director of global eLearning and 30-year industry veteran, to its board of directors.

“Todd and I have regularly enjoyed some great business discussions over the past dozen years or so,” says Clay Howell, president and chairman of the board, Howell Hardwood Flooring. “Our company has grown to the point where we were looking to expand the input on our board with outside directors and Todd is a great fit. He brings a wide range of experience and successes within the industry; he offers a global perspective coming from a successful international company like Bona; and he shares a business philosophy that aligns with Howell’s. As he says on his LinkedIn profile: “People, Team, Culture and Results.”

“Howell Hardwood has a great product line and they’re always looking to improve and find different ways to fill needs and build partnerships; with a specific focus on unfinished engineered hardwood flooring that’s all American-made (no Baltic birch). Keeping both the craftsman and floor owner in mind, they go the extra mile by producing balanced construction flooring that’s led to their “No Cupping. No Gapping. No Problem.” Warranty. It addresses a key pain point for hardwood flooring customers, instead of just telling them everything they can’t do on their floor,” says Schutte.

“In regard to this appointment, I’ve always enjoyed talking to and working with Clay and the entire Howell team about business development, management techniques, the marketplace, the different opportunities that abound in today’s fast-changing world, and even about family and life in general,” Schutte continued. “We’ve always had a great connection, share a lot of the same values, and I’m honored that the Howell family has asked me to serve in this greater capacity.”

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