AkzoNobel Showcases Latest Wood Coatings Innovations at 2022 High Point Market

AkzoNobel announced that its team will be sharing insights into color trends with wood manufacturers and designers at the spring 2022 International Home Furnishing Market in High Point. During the five days of the event, which takes place between April 2-6, 2022, color specialists will be showcasing the latest color and design influences in the wood industries, including the impact of trends in fashion, lifestyle, and other areas of society.

“Our Global Color and Design Studio for Wood Coatings works closely with color designers to create new colors and effects in paints and coatings. We draw from centuries of expertise and combine that with our latest in-depth market research to develop industry-leading color trends that serve as inspiration for the year ahead,” says Rob Haley, color trends manager for wood coatings at AkzoNobel.

Among the modern design influences reflected in the latest products from AkzoNobel are the trend for fresh looks rather than distressing, the preference for less gray and more color, and bringing the outside in with the growing popularity of natural designs and smoother woods, such as birch, cherry, burl, walnut, and maple. Organic elements, such as rattan, jute, sisal and stone, are also increasingly popular, while preferences are moving away from pale and desaturated furnishings.

In addition, the AkzoNobel team will be showcasing the company’s 2022 Color of the Year – Bright Skies. Bright Skies is “an airy, light blue that captures the optimism and desire for a fresh start felt across society, after two years of disruption and uncertainty.”

The Global Color and Design Studio for Wood Coatings has built four distinct color palettes that use the Color of the Year to bring these trends to life:

  • The Studio – soulful, warm and modern tones
  • The Salon – embracing artful qualities
  • The Greenhouse – reveling in nature’s influence
  • The Workshop – creating flexibility in multifunctional spaces

The company expects that these palettes will be a key influence on home decor in 2022, including furniture, flooring, cabinetry and building products.

“The inspiration of Bright Skies has enlightened our outlook on today’s new direction for wood finishes. It influences how we approach the use of better selection and higher end grades or cuts of veneers that impact the final and overall look of the finished product,” says Bob Averett, color design manager for wood coatings at AkzoNobel.

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