Industry App for Contractors and Dealers Launches New Features on MAPEI Stage at TISE 2022

On the MAPEI stage, at the 2022 International Surfaces Event (TISE) in Las Vegas, Nevada, MAPEI interviewed GoCarrera’s founder Paul Stuart who announced new key features in the flooring industry App, Go Carrera. 

“We see the installation challenges facing the flooring industry and recognized a good opportunity to support an industry cause,” said Steven Day, MAPEI Corporation’s operational marketing director. “And we were happy to support this App and the launch of these new features on our stage at Surfaces.” 

Go Carrera allows installers to upload free detailed profiles including their abilities, skills, and projects. In-app features include record-keeping, job boards, and training. The App’s nation-wide coverage allows dealers to work anywhere with qualified local installers. 

Inside Go Carrera is a training module, called “PKLaunchpad,” which includes product knowledge, installation tips, and trainings, all branded and supported with MAPEI products. Each completed and verified training increases the installer’s Hammer Rating™, a patent-pending skill scoring system that measures installers’ skills using a rating system from zero to five. The Hammer Rating™ System helps installers gain access to additional work, as well as to compete for projects along with other qualified installers with similar skill sets. 

“Our goal is to help elevate the entire installation community through education and training, while providing essential digital tools designed to help installers run successful companies,” stated Paul Stuart, founder of Go Carrera. “MAPEI knows the importance of this goal and it was a natural fit for them to support our debut of this App, inviting us to hold it on their stage at Surfaces.” 

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