Bostik Rolls Out Roll-Cote

Bostik Inc. has introduced Roll-Cote, a high-performance moisture vapor barrier coating and primer, to the marketplace. The company shared that Roll-Cote has been scientifically formulated to minimize moisture emissions coming from substrates, and also to function as a primer, to be applied prior to the application of self-leveling underlayments.

“Our new Roll-Cote provides unlimited moisture protection on glue-down hardwood flooring installations, with no slab-moisture testing required. Roll-Cote offers a robust warranty with solutions from each of our flooring product families: Hardwood, Resilient, Surface Preparation and Tiling products. Additionally, it blocks alkalinity and can be used on both concrete and wood substrates. Roll-Cote is extremely durable, is CDPH compliant for low VOC and has been formulated to be Red-List Free and its black color provides a strong visual indicating area coverage and contamination,” says Adam Abell, Bostik’s senior market manager, surface preparation and tiling systems.

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