Important Considerations for Protection of Hardwood

Important Consideration - Safety for Worker and Clients
Important Consideration - High Impact Protection
Important Consideration - Durability

Why Proper Surface Protection Matters

by Brendon Smith, President – Skudo USA

Three things owners hate when dealing with contractors?

  • Delays
  • Extra Costs
  • Damage

Hardwood Flooring is especially prone to damage from construction site tools, foot traffic, equipment, paint splatter, dust and debris, leaving behind scratches, dents, and splatter that are costly to repair.

The damages can be significant and require complete replacement, which doesn’t come cheap: the average estimated cost to replace a 1,000 sq. ft. hardwood floor can run thousands of dollars, depending on the type of wood used.

Proper protection is imperative to prevent such damage from occurring.

The traditional go-to methods of surface protection for flooring include loose-lay cardboard, plastic, and paper products. Since these products are often flimsy and not fully secured, dust and debris easily get trapped underneath. Flooring then becomes scratched, marred, and stained, especially after several months of heavy foot and machine traffic.

Unless surfaces are properly protected, damage and delays can and will occur. Surface protection will not serve its purpose if it rips, tears, or pulls away from the flooring.

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