25 Years and Growing

Let’s take a minute and think back to 1997. We had to actually drive our cars. If we wanted to tell someone about our day, we had to have an actual conversation and not just post a status update on a social media platform. Most of our power tools had cords. The world was a little less crazy in 1997. There was also a driven young man that had his eyes set on a seemingly impossible dream.

With nothing more than a truck and a chainsaw, he was determined to create a company like no other, one barn at a time. The dream sounds simple. Dismantle the structure, and sell the wood. Easier said than done. In order to reclaim as much of the wood as possible, most of the structure had to be disassembled by hand. A grueling task filled with dust, dirt, and countless hours. Once the handwork was completed, specific support beams needed to be cut, which would allow the barn to be pushed over, and the rest of the wood could be pulled, trimmed, and stacked. This process could take weeks, depending on the size of the structure.

In the early stages, once the wood was stacked, it could be sold. Some customers had specific species or sizes of material that they needed. Once materials for the order were stacked and tallied, the trailer would be loaded, and you know who would get in his truck and head out west to deliver the goods. Over time, he realized there was more to be done and that manufacturing the wood into precision-milled flooring was the vision. As profits were generated, equipment was obtained, and one by one, the components were put together and Olde Wood Limited took its biggest step into becoming who we are today.

What was once a one-man operation has now evolved into a manufacturing company supported by more than 80 hard-working families in and around the Ohio region. Olde Wood Limited’s roots are firmly planted in the reclamation of aging structures that were used to build the United States, but the products being milled have evolved just like the ways we now communicate. We are not just a reclaimed flooring manufacturer.

Wide plank new wood has become a big part of our business over the past 10 years. Live sawn and flat sawn as well as rift and quartered white oak in wide planks up to 12” as well as custom prefinish have and are available and manufactured by Olde Wood Limited in Magnolia, Ohio. Engineered or solid, prefinished or unfinished and by the truckloads.

And we still have the first piece of flooring manufactured.

This year marks our 25th year anniversary. 25 years of business. We have been through some tough economic times and continued to push forward. 25 years of knowledge. Some of our employees have been with us for decades bringing their wisdom and growth to the products we manufacture. 25 years of learning from each other. The best growth comes from individuals coming together with an interest and desire of creating as a group. 25 years of relationships with customers. Relationships are what we believe makes business. We value the relationships that we have and continue to build as the foundation of our business.

The history of Olde Wood Limited is 25 years and growing. Join us for what will be our best years ever as we continue to grow and evolve to manufacture flooring for all.

This article was provided by Olde Wood Limited. For more information, visit https://www.oldewoodltd.com/ or call 866.208.WOOD (9663).

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