Bona Launches New Floor Visualizer

Bona has launched a new floor visualizer to help with the planning and design of hardwood floors. This new tool allows a homeowner or contractor to select a floor, take a photo, or upload an image to get a virtual look at how different colored floors will work in the space.

When a photo is taken of an existing space (for example, the home where the refinishing project is taking place) it shows a variety of colors in the space with the existing décor and colors preferences. The visualizer also facilitates narrowing down a color selection, helping to expedite the decision process ultimately making floor renovation projects easier.

The Bona Floor Visualizer allows users to choose coloration products from the Bona DriFast Stain Collection, Bona Craft Oil 2K, and Bona Waterborne Sealers. Customizable features include changing the plank size from 2.25” to 4”, the floor direction, and the floor pattern from herringbone, chevron, basket and more. The Bona Floor Visualizer works on any device, without an app.

The visualizer’s proprietary machine learning based, Artificial Intelligence algorithms instantly segment objects on the floor (couches, chairs, backpacks, wires, etc.), and calculates the actual scale of the room to deliver a realistic visualization experience for the end customer. These algorithms are the product of over five years of research and design and have been trained on hundreds of thousands of room scenes to deliver the best visualization quality possible.

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