Banks Hardwoods Produces Educational Short Film for Hardwood Lumber Industry

Banks Hardwoods announced the release of a new educational short film for training, outreach, and promotion. The nine-minute film is a documentary about how hardwood lumber is manufactured in a modern sawmill. Initially produced for its internal Banks School, which educates new employees and Banks’ visiting customers, the film has recently been released on YouTube and is available to the public to help educate and promote the industry.

Footage for the film was shot at three different sawmills throughout Michigan and Indiana, including Maple Rapids Sawmill, Devereaux Sawmill, and Loggers Inc. The film production studio, ruef Design, also visited several working forests to capture footage of the selection and harvesting process.

“This film was made to help the industry,” said Jim Clarke, president of Banks Hardwoods. “We wanted to provide a better understanding and appreciation for what goes into manufacturing high quality hardwood lumber and that the sawmill industry can provide a fun, safe, and rewarding career.”

Other contributors in the production of this film were Criswell Davis, founder of Mighty Oaks Consulting and the Timber & Forestry Foundation, and Richard Keeso of J.H. Keeso & Sons Ltd.

To watch the short film on YouTube, visit

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