Bostik Premiers New, Multi-Layer, Film Blown Production Line in U.S.

Bostik recently announced the opening of its new, multi-layer, film blown line in Virginia for durable goods markets following its recent acquisition of Prochimir, a technical films company. According to the company, the line is able to produce thermoplastic films comprised of one to five layers with extensive widths of up to 160” and 250µm thickness, and enables U.S. customers to receive locally-produced products with simplified logistics, enhanced supply security and reduced lead time.

These films, based on EVA, polyolefin, polyester, polyamide and TPU technologies, also provide multi-functionality, making it easy for customers to bond dissimilar substrates together and incorporate barriers, such as waterproofing, into their manufacturing applications. The films’ wide width availabilities also increase cost effectiveness and provide real adaptation for customer needs the company said.

“With today’s market and application requirements evolving, we wanted to make it easy for our regional, durable goods customers to get the high-performance films they need when and where they need them,” said Matthew Ritter, Bostik’s Americas Durable Goods Business Director. “Our acquisition of Prochimir enables us to do just that and bring this film blown line to the U.S.”

The opening of the new line in Petersburg, Virginia comes after Bostik announced it was aiming to increase its share of the global thermobonding and durable goods market following the expansion of its specialty hot melts product offering.

“We look forward to using these enhanced capabilities to help customers old and new improve their products and accomplish their manufacturing goals today and into the future,” Ritter added.

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