Basic Coatings Announces Launch of HyperTone Stains

Basic Coatings announced the launch of HyperTone™ Stains, a line of wood floor stains that according to the company utilizes a proprietary water/oil hybrid technology to deliver high-quality pigment of unmatched depth and vibrance, bringing out the beauty of hardwood floors in commercial, residential, and sports environments.

“This groundbreaking water/oil hybrid technology provides the stain market with much-needed answers to health, safety, and environmental concerns,” said Micah Petersen, director of floor care. “Furthermore, ease of application and a forgiving formula make HyperTone Stains a great alternative to commonly used oil-based stains on maple, oak, and almost all wood floor species in use today.”

This stain line is available in 14 standard colors, including primary colors, and can be mixed and matched to create a custom color palette, allowing users to complement any existing design style. In addition to the 14 stains, Basic Coatings is also introducing Stain Glide, a product that optimizes staining results by chemically increasing open time during application. It is recommended for use in drier conditions and with more heavily pigmented colors.