MAPEI Corporation Expands Wildwood, Florida Facility

MAPEI Corporation has announced the expansion of its existing Wildwood, Florida, facility with the groundbreaking ceremony for the addition of a new 260,000-square-foot powder production and distribution facility.

“The existing facility has proven to be such a tremendous asset as a distribution center that the construction of additional distribution space, along with four powder production lines, will greatly increase our ability to meet our customers’ demands,” said Luigi Di Geso, President and CEO of MAPEI North America. “Now we will be even better able to bring product and services to our customers in the surrounding states, as well as throughout North America, with the increased powder production.”

MAPEI has contracted with Geis Construction, which is said to focus specifically on highly complex, fast-track, sustainable industrial and commercial projects, for the expansion. Not only will the expanded powder-line facility increase production, it will also increase MAPEI’s need for various roles and positions from the local area, the company said.

Currently, there are 14 full-time MAPEI employees working at the existing facility. However, “when the expansion is complete and the four powder lines are up and running, we anticipate the need for 160 full-time employees. This is not counting the truck drivers and other staff who also service the facility,” Di Geso explained.

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