History Built on Innovation

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Valentus Specialty Chemicals is a manufacturer of innovative floor coatings used by professionals in the wood floor coatings segment through the trusted PoloPlaz, Absco and Sampson brands.

They understand innovation is the key to success with a history spanning more than 120 years. Their brands offer best-in-class products that provide solutions for every flooring need, which deliver results from start to finish dating back to 1899. And with the rapid changes to V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds) regulations nationwide, innovation is critical to delivering floor coatings formulations that meet VOC requirements.

Innovation Key to Success

Valentus’ history of innovation is at the core of the company’s growth. PoloPlaz products are all about tomorrow’s technology made in-house from innovative, proprietary formulations. This approach ensures that PoloPlaz products are designed specifically for the intended application, formulated with the highest quality of ingredients, and maintained to best-in-class standards. Much of their recent innovation has been on waterborne formulations that reduce in-service times, out-perform competitors, and are nationally VOC compliant.

Absolute Coatings was one of the first companies in the U.S. to introduce polyurethane finishes and they continue to launch products to meet and exceed the customers’ needs. Absco’s products have the latest technology with innovation sought after by professionals and experienced do-it-yourselfers to enhance the natural beauty in homes, workplaces, and investments of customers across the globe.

Sampson Coatings has helped build, protect, and maintain residential and commercial surfaces for over 120 years, with heritage and innovation dating back to 1899. Sampson provides proven technology with a highly diversified and complete line of protective wood coatings for all hardwood floors.

With all of this experience and history, Valentus Specialty Chemicals is the largest and most trusted manufacturer of oil-modified urethanes (OMU) in the category, and a leader in development of water and alternative chemistries that deliver performance equal to or exceeding oil formulations while meeting stringent VOC requirements. “Our continued success requires we develop products that solve problems for our customers. This can only be achieved by the commercial and development teams working through the process together, from the beginning, so we get it right the first time! This collaborative culture in our organization is the primary reason we are launching game changing technologies for this year’s selling season,” says Dave Brunori, Valentus’ President and CEO.

Success with Industry Partnerships

Innovation is driving the wood floor coatings category forward by delivering what both the contractor and consumer are looking for based on industry feedback. Through their membership with the American Coatings Association (ACA), the Valentus team is at the forefront of regulatory changes and updates in the category and is prepared to offer guidance and advanced planning to its customers. These updates are communicated to customers via their websites and their sales teams, with long-standing experience and knowledge of products and category expertise who are always available to provide advice.

The American Institute of Architects is another important partnership that Valentus supports through their MasterSpec program. It is the master guide for building and construction specification systems used within the United States by architects, engineers, landscape architects and interior designers to provide architects a means to create technical specifications without spending a lot of time researching products. Much of these specifications are driven by the need for “green” and “sustainable” LEED certified projects. Partnering with AIA has allowed Valentus to understand the drivers of sustainability for floor coatings to meet or exceed specifications.

And of course, our Sports/Gym products are MFMA certified and they are also an active partner with the National Wood Floors Association (NWFA) and a publishing partner of Hardwood Floors Magazine. Valentus takes an active role in developing and maintaining technical standards, education, and advocacy for the hardwood floor industry. Furthermore, their sales team employs NWFA Certified Professionals who possess the experience, knowledge, and expertise to train industry professionals in proper installation and application techniques, as well as sand and finish methods.

Future Partnerships Depend on Innovation

With the increasing spotlight on more stringent VOC regulations, innovative new wood floor coatings products for the residential, commercial and sports flooring segments are a must. The category has delivered more durable, easier-to-apply and quicker return-to-service products, while being nationally compliant. Products such as PoloPlaz Primero 275, an incredibly fast curing 275 VOC polyurethane that is tougher than waterborne or moisture cures, PoloPlaz Polo Key, a high solids, low viscosity, and 24 hour return to service 275 VOC clear gym finish designed specifically for recoats, and Absco Grand NXTGEN, with new innovative next generation resins that deliver the beautiful appearance and durability of an oil finish in a 275 VOC formula, are just some examples of how Valentus is delivering products for the future through innovation.

As it is said in sports, it is important to know where the ball is going, not where it has been. Valentus Specialty Chemicals is engaged and committed to industry professionals and improving wood floor coatings. “Our sales teams work very closely with customers and contractors; it is the key in understanding what is needed and provides close linkage within our industry, allowing Valentus to stay ahead of changes. This keeps us focused on formulating innovative, problem-solving products that make a difference to support our customer ensuring they are even more successful,” says Mike Brezina, Valentus’ Sr. VP of Business Strategy and Marketing.

Valentus Specialty Chemicals are the EXPERTS with INNOVATIVE professional wood flooring products that satisfy all flooring needs from traditional oil modified urethanes (OMUs) to cutting edge water based (H2Os) technologies. They remain COMMITTED to changing the industry with a range of value to premium brand offerings…GUARANTEED!

This article was provided by Valentus Specialty Chemicals. For more information, please call 800.432.4333, email, or go to valentuschem.com.

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