China to Extend Tariff Exclusions through September 16, 2021

The American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) received notice from the U.S. Embassy in Beijing that the Chinese Government has extended the tariff exclusions for 65 U.S. products, including hardwood lumber and logs, through September 16, 2021.

According to AHEC, U.S. hardwood logs and lumber were the only agricultural products included in the extension. AHEC is working with the embassy to clarify all HS codes involved, the following preliminary list has been identified: 

  • 44039100  Other oak logs
  • 44039960  North American hardwood logs
  • 44079100  Jointed-end, other oak lumber
  • 44079100  Non jointed-end, other oak lumber
  • 44079400  Cherry lumber, with thickness over 6 mm
  • 44079500  Ash lumber, with thickness over 6 mm
  • 44079930  Other North American hardwood lumber with thickness over 6 mm 

Source: Hardwood Federation

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