Workcamp Parquet 2020 – Handwork Without Machines

Workcamp Parquet 2020 is being held on August 30 – September 5.  Participants worldwide will produce and install parquet in two rooms of the castle Vizovice, in the Czech Republic.  In a unique twist, work will be done traditionally without power tools to recreate conditions experienced in the mid-1800s.  Workcamp Parquet 2020 promises to be a unique educational experience, and is a great way to have fun, network, and learn about traditional parquetry methods. 

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  1. Good morning, I am a parquettist and I work in Milan, Italy. But I am originary from Egypt. I’ve been working as a parquettist for 20 years and I am a follower of yours. I would like to work with you in some future projects so then I can learn knew thing and method creating new experiences, thank you.
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