Cefla North America & Weinig USA Events Rescheduled

Cefla North America, Inc., a supplier of finishing, decoration and digital printing solutions, and Weinig Holz-Her, North America, a producer of solid wood and panel processing equipment, have rescheduled their coinciding 2020 Open House events to October 14-16, 2020. To maximize value to the attendee, the events will take place on overlapping dates. Cefla North America and Weinig Holz-Her are located twenty miles apart from one another. As customers and employee safety is of the utmost importance, both companies will take the appropriate precautions mandated by local authorities leading up to and during the events.

Invitees include woodworking professionals from small-, mid-, and large-sized companies located across the United States and Canada. Both events, individually named CeflaLive Charlotte and Weinig Holz-Her Next Level 2020, will offer attendees a maximum return on time spent away from daily operations with emphasis on each company’s respective area of emphasis: surface enhancement and/or secondary processing.

Massimo Di Russo, General Manager, Cefla North America states, “We are eager to move forward with an October event that helps our customer base move forward in today’s ever-changing world.” He continued by saying, “We continue to find creative avenues to keep customers safe while delivering value, and with CeflaLive Charlotte I know we can accomplish this.”

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