Indusparquet Launches Solido Unfinished for U.S. Market

Indusparquet has announced the U.S. introduction of Solido Unfinished. The new offering will feature five of the manufacturer’s most recognizable solid species in the same unfinished form they use to produce their hardwood flooring.

“We have been asked for years to develop a consistent, US-based stocking program for our unfinished solid products,” said Jodie Doyle, VP of Sales and Marketing. “There is certainly a growing demand for our products as consumers begin moving back towards all types of hardwood products. It just made sense for us to make the unfinished version of our products available at this time.”

Indusparquet is already stocking six SKU’s for U.S.-based in inventory out of their Miami warehouse. Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) and Brazilian Walnut (Cumaru) will be available in both 4” and 5 ½” widths, while Tigerwood (Muiracatiara) and Brazilian Chestnut (Sucupira) will be available in the 4” width. Additional widths in those species, along with Peroba Natural, are available through container purchases out of the company’s Tiete, Sao Paulo, Brazil production facility.

The company believes bringing these products to the U.S. market will raise the bar for unfinished Brazilian hardwood products. In addition to a variety of species and lengths, Doyle said the product will be the same clear, premium-grade as their prefinished flooring and will be 2 packaged in boxes, not bundles, bringing a more professional presentation to these timeless products.

“We are constantly told that no one else’s solid products compare to Indusparquet and we take pride in knowing that our products are seen as the ‘gold standard’ in the industry,” Doyle added. “Now, we are bringing the same high-quality, clear premium grade product to the U.S. market in an unfinished format. Little things like packaging in sealed, white boxes instead of the traditional bundles is just another way these products are differentiated from the rest.”

Indusparquet said these products are available immediately and customers can contact their sales representative or learn more by visiting

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