Emily Morrow Home Hardwood Flooring Launches Design-Love™ Pro-Gram

Emily Morrow Finkell, CEO of Emily Morrow Home, recently held a launch party by Zoom conference with decorators, designers, architects, specifiers, and retail design consultants across the country announcing the launch of the company’s new Design-Love™ Pro-Gram.

Exclusively to the Design Trade, enrolled program members will have opportunities to earn rewards, have VIP access to industry sneak previews, be a part of design events and much more. 

“One of my priorities has been to provide a clear pathway for designers to connect with beautiful hardwood flooring like Emily Morrow Home hardwood. The best way to do that is by linking them with better retailers who cater to the design trade. There’s been a clear dis-connect between the design trade and real hardwood flooring for far too many years. Starting back in Fall of 2015 Emily Morrow Home hardwood flooring was created and designed for designers, and fast-forward to today, our retail partners are enjoying having a collection which has the right look and feel for that niche market,” says Finkell. “The DesignLove™ Pro-Gram is not overly complicated, nor does it require any commitment from the retailers. It is a fun and easy way to incentivize designers to our product while also helping lead them into our retail partners’ stores.” 

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