PA Gov. Revises Shut Down; Mills Still Closed Without Waiver

The Pennsylvania Governor’s Office has issued a new list of companies permitted to work during the “life-sustaining business only” criteria and has INCLUDED logging and forestry but NOT INCLUDED sawmills, veneer plants and secondary wood processing. These should close Saturday unless they receive a waiver to operate.

Here is the link to the new list issued today:

There have been reports that companies are experiencing difficulty obtaining the waiver application from the state’s website:

Forest products companies are encouraged to list on the waiver application that their operations are essential to the economy for:

·      Wood chips that produce the fiber for masks, filters and toilet tissue

·      Hardwood lumber for pallets to move food, medical supplies and more

·      Hardwood fuel pellets for energy production

·      Hardwood ties for railroad transportation

·      AND paychecks for millions of America’s families.

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